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Are political parties bad for democracy?

This week, we’ll be exploring our own political beliefs, while also looking at a set of questions involving political parties and ideologies. This week’s discussion response comes in two parts: first, we will complete PART I online quiz designed to reveal how to categorize our individual political beliefs. Next, we’ll do PART II choose from one of three prompts related to parties/ideologies.

Part I- Online quiz completed

PART II – Choose from one of the following prompts: I choose OPTION B

OPTION B – Are political parties bad for democracy?

Read the article ‘Our political parties are wrecking our democracy — here’s what we can do about it’ which argues that American political parties are harmful to our democratic legitimacy. Address the following:

Do you agree or disagree with the critique that political parties wreck democracy and are harmful to the interests of everyday people? Can you identify ways that this is happening or has happened? Or should the party system keep functioning as it now does?
What can you see as the pros and cons of political parties? (especially a ‘two-party duopoly’ such as the US has)