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Are Bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

For this assignment, you will demonstrate the knowledge that you gained from chapter 17. Answer the questions below using your textbook as your primary reference source. Make sure you number your responses and write complete sentences. A simple “yes” or “no” answer is not acceptable. Please answer the question “WHY” by writing an thorough explanation for your answers.

1. Are Bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
2. Describe the three common shapes of bacteria.
3. Are Bacteria heterotrophic or autotrophic?
4. Do Bacteria cells have a cell wall?
5. How do bacteria reproduce?.
6. Are Archaea prokaryotic or eukaryotic?.
7. Do Archaea cells have a cell wall?
8. Describe the three major types of Archaea.
9. Are Protists prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
10. Explain the endosymbiotic theory.
11. How are the species algae classified (by what trait)?
12. List three protozoans and describe their means of locomotion.

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