Approved Nursing Issue

In this section, you will simply provide your approved nursing care issue, and if you were required to make revisions, please use the approved topic that was decided upon from our discussion. You are not to change your focus once it has approved. Remember, you can keep this section simple!

Identify Measures (Indicators) to Support the Issue
In this section, you will provide data that supports your selected nursing care issue, is truly an issue. You should be utilizing data about your selected issue from your setting. However, if you do not have data from your setting or only limited data, you will want to state the data you would like to have. Think about what information would be important to know when working to improve or resolve the selected issue? What would you need to know to make an effective change?

In this section, you will provide a detailed list of all the important people who will be involved in the improvement process for your selected nursing care issue. The title of each person or group of staff members should be present along with a description of their role. Because each topic is unique, the number of stakeholders will vary, but you should aim to have at least 4-5 stakeholders for this assignment.  
Analyze: Analyze the Causes of the Nursing Issue
In this section, you will provide detail as to what you know or believe to be the causes of the issue you selected. For example, is training or education lacking? Be sure to provide much depth and detail!

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