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Applying nursing theory to nursing practice

In order to apply nursing theory to nursing practice, the nurse must have a knowledge base of the theoretical works of the nursing profession. In module B you will be introduced to specific theoretical works of nursing theorists, including philosophies, conceptual models, grand theories, and middle- range theories.


1. Explore the evolution of nursing concepts and theories that has occurred over the last 50 years.

2. Distinguish the differences between nursing models and theories used conceptually in practice.

3. Describe relevant theories that support inter-professional collaborative practice.


Review this powerpoint that details specifics of this assignment: Nurs 4343 Module B powerpoint-Preview the document

American Psychological Association (APA). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

Masters, K. (2015). Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

In particular:

Assigned textbook chapters based upon selected theorist/theory
Additional literature: Find articles or books written by your selected theorist to use in this assignment. You may also find interviews of these theorists within You tube. Theory webpages that are not peer-reviewed (that would be most of them) do not count as a scholarly reference!
assignments2.JPG ASSIGNMENTS
Within a small group, together select a nursing theorist from the list below and explore the work of the nursing theorist and his/her theory. Your assigned group is under People, and is the Module B group number.

First, Complete and submit the Group Commitment Form with estimated dates of completion
Nurs 4343 Module B Group Commitment Form Preview the document
Next, Search the TTUHSC library databases and become familiar with the selected theorist/theory and their work, philosophy and conceptual
Another source for theory information includes your primary textbook but don’t rely solely on this source. You can find articles by your theorist in the reference pages in the textbook chapters of your theorist too.
Nursing Theorists: Highly suggested for ease of completing this assignment:
Patricia Benner
Jean Watson

Conceptual Models: Grand Theories
Dorothy Johnson
Imogene King
Betty Neuman
Dorothea Orem
Martha Rogers
Sister Callista Roy

Middle-Range Nursing Theories
Katharine Kolcaba
Madeleine Leininger
Ramona Mercer
Ida Jean Orlando (Pelletier)
Hildegard Peplau
Nola Pender
Kristen Swanson

Nursing Theorist Assignment Expectations: Nursing Theorist Assignment must include but is not limited to the following powerpoint slides for the chosen theorist/theory:

Title Slide Title of presentation, names of group members, date (1 slide)
Credentials of Theorist Academic and professional credentials of theorist
Background of Theorist Professional background of theorist including influential experiences that led to the creation of the theory (Credentials/background together–1 slide)
Type of Theory/Focus Based on classifications above (1 slide)
Theoretical Sources Other theories that selected theory is based on ( 1 slide)
Major Concepts List at least four concepts that are part of the theory NOTE: these are not the 4 domain concepts of the metaparadigm–these are actual unique concepts created by your theorist that explain how each has interpreted the domain concepts. These concepts may not all be detailed in the textbook. You will need to go beyond the textbook into your theorist’s published work. (1 slide).
Major Definitions Define the concepts listed above ( 2-3 slides) Again, not the metaparadigm concepts but the specific and unique concepts created by your chosen theorist.
Major Assumptions List at least three theoretical assumptions (in textbook). (1 slide).
Utilization/Application How could you apply this theory to improve patient outcomes and inter-professional collaboration in practice now? Provide a short case study and discuss (ORIGINAL case – DO NOT COPY FROM TEXT). Use the concepts you have defined above and include them in this case study with a focus on assessment and intervention. Address ways the nursing theory will guide patient assessment. Address at least 3 patient related interventions that reflect the selected nursing theory and using theory terminology. (2-3 slides).
Inter-professional team intervention Address how the nursing theory will improve team functioning in practice. Address a minimum of one inter-professional intervention to improve team functioning (1 slide).
Summary/Conclusion Summarizes the most important points of your presentation (1 slide).
References- Minimum 2 plus textbook. At least one reference should be from the theorist. The others should be from the past 10 years. DO NOT USE THEORY WEBSITES AS REFERENCES.
Nursing Theorist Assignment Submission: Please refer to class schedule for due date and time.