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Apply Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Approach

The Borkeuf Company is a newly-formed organization that provides independent contracting business services to European enterprises, particularly in Germany and Poland. The vice presidents of sales and marketing decide to offer sales training to all recently hired sales personnel. The sales training takes place as part of the already scheduled regional sales meetings, and the Human Resource department provides the trainers. The training covers basic topics, such as how to begin the sales discussion, how to ask the right questions, cultural orientations, and how to ask for the sale and close. Although the two vice presidents believe that this training will be successful, they have requested that you evaluate this training program. You decide to use Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Approach.
Write a paper that analyzes the case scenario above using Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Approach. In your paper, address the following:
• Identify issues that arose as you tried to focus the evaluation.
• Explain how you decided which variables (aspects of the training that you will evaluate) your evaluation would focus on.
• Determine the limitations of the Kirkpatrick approach.
• Identify any lacking components in using this evaluation approach.
• Explain what could be done to make this approach be more useful, relevant, and effective.

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