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Applied Learning Practicum

Reflect on the connection between knowledge concepts from the Applied Learning Practicum courses and how those have been, or could be, applied in the workplace.


minimum of 400 words.
If any outside content or resources are used, proper APA citations and references are required.
Course objectives:

For Reference:

Upon completion of this course 1 course:

Provide students with an opportunity to enhance their learning via professional experiences.Provide a deeper understanding of how program curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments.Compose effective communication through professional writing, speaking, and other forms of business communication in DSRT courses.Participation in business operations and decision making.

Course 2:

Upon completion of this course:

Students will be proactive with risk management practicesStudents will understand IT business managementStudents will understand the basics of Blockchain technologyStudents will understand the economics of cloud computingStudents will understand the benefits of eco-efficient technology adoptionStudents will understand how to balance customer and shareholder valueStudents will understand how emerging technologies affect strategic planning