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Application of Frames

Practical/Personal Application of Learning: Making the Course Relatable:
Using materials from Part Four (Chapters 9, 10, and 11), OR Part Five (Chapters 12, 13, and 14) please think
about a PERSONAL CASE situation that comes to mind from your own experience, and that you will then think
through and connect concepts covered in PART Four (Ch 9, 10, and 11) OR Part Five (Chapter 12, 13, and
This case situation could be a personal struggle within your work, family, school or some other organization.
Provide enough context to tell the story. The purpose of this is to define, apply, and analyze the situation using
concepts from this course that shine a light on your experience in a new way.
1. Explain the context and the issue. What went wrong/right?
2. Identify and provide a description of the frame you feel is most active from YOUR viewpoint. Describe the
frame’s key concepts and key frame processes that you feel applies. (a) name the frame or frames that
predominated, (b) what key concepts that are part of that frame were most involved. (Recall, you identified your
frame preference in the Leadership Assessment in this course).
3. Now, identify the OTHER person’s frame? Identify their frame based on your knowledge of key words and
actions by this person that best fit within a frame. Discuss whether this the same frame as yours? Or, if there
was tension, as you think back is because you are looking at things from different viewpoints? If you were to
REFRAME, and seek to understand the situation from another viewpoint, would this have reduced the tension?
4. Lessons Learned: DISCUSS: How does your new understanding of frames, reframing, and viewing
situations from multiple frame shed light on new ways of approaching the diagnosis organizations?