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Application Assignment

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Application Assignment
Revisiting Language: The Big Picture
What is Language? Anticipation Activity
For the current assignment, I would like you to revisit this question and submit an updated response that takes into account what you have learned over the
course of the semester. To do this:
1. Brainstorm what you know about language now. Given what you’ve learned in this course, how would you be able to expand upon your original ideas in
response to this question? What new terms and concepts would you be able to include now that you have completed the course? You may want to think
broadly about the main topics we’ve covered for inspiration.
2. Jot down everything that comes to mind. The best way to do this is to create a bulleted list as you think. Don’t spend too much time writing down lengthy
ideas. This should be a quick brainstorming activity.
3. Review your list and organize your ideas in a meaningful/logical way. I would like to “see” your understanding of how these different concepts and terms
relate to one another.
You may do this by creating a word or concept map (similar to the example below), a mind map, an infographic, or some other graphic method of your
preference that will allow you to organize your ideas semantically.
Note that when you create an idea map like this, the goal is to think about organization of the ideas, i.e., how they relate to each other and how they relate to
the main idea. There is no correct response. Just keep in mind is that I’m most interested in seeing how your knowledge about language has changed since
the beginning of the semester. It may help you to look back at what you submitted in Module 1. You can return to your original response by going into Grades
and clicking on the UPLOAD assignment for Module 1 where you can view your prior submission.
In addition to your graphic response, please write a brief reflection (about 1 paragraph, definitely no more than 1/2 page) about how your knowledge of
language has changed over the course of the semester. You may want to focus on what information was new or the most surprising to you to keep this
reflection short and concise.
When finished, please:
1. Upload your graphic response as a Word, PowerPoint, pdf, or jpg (e.g., if you snap a photo of it) file.
2. Upload your reflection as one of these file types. If you can combine them into one pdf and upload that, it would be great! But if you cannot, just upload
them separately