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Anthropology Of Language And Communication

Select one of your family’s language(s) or dialect(s) to research for your Language Autobiography Project. For example, if your family speaks mostly English but you have Irish, German, Persian or Chinese ancestors, and you have relatives who are speakers of any of those national languages, you can select one of these languages for your project. If your relatives speak only English, you could focus on the regional or ethnic variant or dialect of American English spoken in your family, for example: Southern, Northwestern, Tex-Mex, Californian, African-American English (AAE or Ebonics), Cajun English etc. If your family speaks any language(s) other than English, you can choose the language that interests you the most.
In addition to the linguistic topics required for the Linguistic Autobiography Project (i.e., language history, evolution, syntax, grammar, tones, morphemes, etc.) think about and choose any specific sociocultural issue or issues that you would like to explore (for example, how the language has changed due to migration dynamics, power relations, social and political perceptions, etc.). Choose whatever topic is of interest to you. Remember that the main goal of this assignment is to do some fieldwork research through interviews with relatives who speak the language and can tell you about their experience with the language.