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ANNUAL REPORT CRITIQUE INSTRUCTIONS Assignment Overview Healthcare administrators are required to assess the financial and organizational health of health services delivery operations. They are often called upon to present strategies for fundraising for those organizations and must present to a variety of stakeholders, from the public to the board of directors. You’ll gain a better understanding of this process in this multi-part assignment with deadlines over several weeks of the term. Download the Annual Report Critique Instructions [DOWNLOAD] for detailed instructions. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS Assume the role of a CEO who is tasked with reviewing the organization’s current state and defining strategic goals to take your organization in a specified direction. To accomplish this, you will need to complete the following: PART 4 – RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS » Summarize recommendations for the next fiscal year and ground assertions in course competencies. » What have you learned from your overall analysis? » Summarize your findings from Parts 1-3 (LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED PARTS 1 – 3). » If you were asked to prioritize your recommendations, what would be your top 3, why and what’s the timeline for implementation? » Demonstrate strategies for leading change (i.e. student’s recommendations) using the Kotter model. » With your recommendations come changes to the organization, consider the Kotter model and summarize how you would apply this model to lead your proposed recommendations in a an organizational setting? ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Select a local, state, national, or international healthcare organization. Ensure that your selected healthcare organization has enough information to address all aspects of this assignment. In order to adequately analyze the internal or external factors impacting the organization, choose an organization that is: » Well established so that there is ample information in its annual report or website about their stakeholders, organizational structure, goals, financial status and news or press releases (see example organizations below). » Has at least 5 staff (volunteers or paid), whether it is a small or large organization. 2. Retrieve its annual report and any other supplementary documents with the necessary information to conduct this critique

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