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Annual Editions: Education 43rd Edition

Read the text, Annual Editions: Education (43rd edition), ( The student will select 4 readings from each Unit and develop a reflection on the concepts presented in each of the four readings.

Each Unit reflection for the 4 readings should be approximately 2 pages in length. There are seven units in total.

Please note at the top of each unit reading, what unit number it is and what article it is just to clarify what you are writing about. 

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Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Each student will prepare a written research project in APA format. The project must include:

Tile Page


Overview of SMS (minimum of three pages not including tables or figures)

  • A thorough overview of the four components of SMS (2 pages minimum)
  • Advantages to implementing SMS at airports
  • Barriers/Challenges to implementing SMS at airports

Airport Selection (1/2 to 1 page not including tables or figures)

  • Identify by name the airport targeted for this project
    • Must be an actual airport and selection must be approved by the teacher
  • Include basic operating statistics for the airport (recommended source: FAA Form 5010)

Safety risk management (minimum of three pages not including tables or figures)

  • Hazard identification
    • Specifically identify three hazards for your identified airport
    • Describe the hazards
    • Include a Common Airport Hazards table that is specific to and lists your identified hazards. The table format should be based on Table 8 pgs. 70 – 73 of ACRP SMS Vol 2 (see course site for document).
    • Risk assessment
      • Assess each hazard you identified using the FAA risk matrix table, see ACRP SMS Vol 2 Figure 10, p. 77.  Include the table as an Appendix. Provide discussion to explain how each of your specific hazards relate to the risk matrix.
      • Include a Risk Level Classification table. The table format should be based on Table 13, Pg. 85, ACRP SMS Vol 2. Create the table using your identified hazards.
    • Risk Mitigation
      • Discuss risk mitigation strategies for each hazard you identified.

Conclusions (1/2 page)


  • Reference list must contain a minimum of 10 references, at least 5 references must be sources not assigned or provided by the professor. All citations and the reference list must be in APA format.

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