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Annotated Storyboard

In film, a storyboard is a graphic representation of individual shots within a scene. Directors often produce storyboards during the pre-production process, to get a preliminary sense of what a finished scene will look like. For this assignment, you will choose one scene from “The Goonies” to illustrate in storyboard form. Your storyboard should include:

• A graphic representation of each individual shot within the scene
• An annotated description of the shot that describes its formal elements. This description should include all significant elements of mise-en-scène and cinematography that shape the shot’s visual design
• A description of how movement is created between the individual shots within the scene using the vocabulary we have developed about editing.

• The scene you choose should be comprised of no less than six individual shots, but there is no maximum. Choose your scenes wisely.
• Your storyboards should be clean, polished, and display an attention to detail – but you will not be graded on artistic ability. What I’m most interested in is your ability to thoroughly and accurately describe the formal elements of a scene. No screenshots allowed.

Grading Rubric
• Shot/Scene

• Does your storyboard represent a scene?
• Do you correctly identify the difference between a shot and a scene?
• Does the scene contain at least 6 individual shots?
• Is each shot in the scene represented in your storyboard?

• Annotation

• Does your annotation include all significant elements of mise-en-scene in the shot?
• Does your annotation include all significant elements of cinematography in the shot?
• Do you accurately describe the movement within and between shots in your storyboard?
• Thoroughness and accuracy: comments
• Grade ________________

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