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Defining the Annotated Bibliography

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An annotated bibliography is a carefully crafted list of citations of articles, books, and documents. What differentiates an annotated bibliography from a references/work cited/bibliography page is that it contains the annotation (a concise and precise evaluative paragraph of about 150 words) after each of the referenced material.

The annotation serves the purpose of informing the reader of the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the cited source.

The annotated bibliography is different from an abstract.

An abstract is a purely descriptive synopsis of a research work, often placed at the beginning of any periodical index or scholarly journal article. The annotated bibliography is, however, not merely descriptive but also critical. It may explain the author’s clarity, authority, perspective, and aptness of expression.

Creating a sound annotated bibliography

Writing an authentic annotated bibliography demands the application of varied intellectual skills: informed research, succinct analysis, and concise exposition.

  1. Search, find and record the articles, periodicals, books and other documents containing precisely vital ideas and information on the chosen topic.

  2. Review each of the located sources at a closer level.

  3. Choose the sources that offer a variety of viewpoints on the chosen topic

  4. Cite the sources chosen in (3.) using the apt referencing/citation style.

  5. Write an accurate annotation summarizing the scope and core theme of the source. Remember to include a sentence or two that:  

    a). defines the intended audience;

    b) compares the sources with another cited source;

    c)evaluates the authority and background of the author;

    d)explains the relevance and usefulness of the work to your topic.

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