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Ancient Women in Saudi Arabia

Ancient Women in Saudi Arabia
Topic: Ancient Women in Saudi Arabia
Date: Due May 1st, 2016
B. Maximum length of paper should be 13 pages, Minimum – 8 pages.

C. Paper should be typed (double spaced) and printed on ONE SIDE of the sheet. USE THE 12- POINT FONT AND THE TIMES NEW ROMAN STYLE.

NOTE: Your paper should NOT use Wikipedia or such sources, your paper will be rejected if you use them. Use Online scholarly journal articles, books, Encyclopedia Britannica.(not as serious)

*I will be checking for your analytical skills more than just providing an account of your topic.

D. Your paper should include the following:

-Table of Contents – (This page should NOT be Numbered)
-Introduction – (Start Numbering from this page)
-Main Body of Discussion
Ancient Saudi women examples with their accomplishments and history about them, women’s rights before and after Islam (past and today), modern successful women in Saudi, any hurdles they faced in the past… etc
-Conclusion & Suggestions
-References/Bibliography (This part does NOT count as part of the Maximum length of the paper but should be numbered).

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