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Anchor chart lesson plan “A visit to the farm and we saw”

Introduction (Motivational tool to introduce the book):
Presentation/Delivery of the lesson: (list 5-7 steps)
How do you plan to gather the children for the lesson?
Directions you may provide to the children.
Where will the lesson take place?
Using PIES list what the children will learn from this lesson.
List academic skills acquired or learned through this task.
Questions or comments that you will make while children are working:
What two open ended, factual and inference questions could you ask the children to help improve
comprehension skills? 
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Wrap up/Closure (What will you do to tie up your lesson, how will you organize clean up, what statements or
discussions do you hope to have in closing the lesson).
Go to Common Core Standards web site that applies to the grade you are working in and choose two
standards or skills that are aligned with your lesson.
What will you do for a follow up activity and when will it be? Use your web as a guide