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Analyzing Watergate

The Watergate Scandal was a pivotal moment in American history. When it became clear that Nixon and his aides had knowingly participated in cheating during the election of 1972, and then covered it up with numerous lies and counteractions, an American trend of distrust in the government solidified and became a part of the culture. Another trend emerged which then defined American culture, that of the journalist as a ‘Watchdog,” monitoring the American politician for any sign of corruption or lies. As a result, nearly every generation since has a healthy distrust of government and politicians in general. This activity analyzes the effect of Watergate on American culture and journalism and the changes it brought about to modern America 2) Why did people become disillusioned with Nixon and politics in general as a result of Watergate? Explain.
3) Why did the press take on the role as watchdog over American politicians and government? 4) Evaluate your own perception of the American government. Do you trust our politicians? Explain. 5) In your opinion, are we fair in how we judge our modern presidents? Who should keep watch over our government, if any? Explain your thoughts

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