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Analyzing Various Data Types

Q1)  Find Python libraries that enable the programmer to work with files other than text and JSON files (for example spreadsheets, databases, online protocols, or other file formats). List the link to the library and a short description of what it allows you to access and why you find it helpful. Give a brief usage example. 

Q2)  When might you need to combine different data types when using JavaScript?How might the various data types available assist in solving everyday problems?

Q3)  Aside from the native web… what are some other uses for modern JavaScript? (you may need to do a bit of research to discover additional uses!) 

Q4)  Over the past decade a number of terms have evolved that describes the work that goes on in the Data Warehouse and Data Marts. These terms (Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Business Analysis) are often used interchangeably in an incorrect manner. For our class I want us to clearly define these terms. For this discussion, define these three terms. Make one statement that compares and contrasts the three concepts that will help differentiate one from another. 

Q5)  Throughout our class we have discussed and will continue to discuss two critical concepts, the Data Warehouse and Data Mining. Please discuss the distinction between the two and how the are inter-related with one another. 

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