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Analyzing Various Books

Read the following:

  1. Chapter 8 The Globalization of Social Problems from Globalization: The Transformation of Social Worlds” Third Edition by Eitzen and Zinn.
  2. Ross “Saving Turtle Island”
  3. Knowles & Robbins “Global Trade in Electronic Waste”

Watch: Film “Global Climate Refugees” (2010) (watch time 1.5 hours)

Critical Questions:

In Knowles and Robbins, who is responsible for global e-waste? Who makes it? And where does it go? How does the consumer mentality of ‘out of sight out of mind’ contribute to this issue?

For the film: Climate change has created a new set of political problems, namely that places are becoming uninhabitable and drastically changed due to changing weather and climate. What major political questions are raised due to climate change and global climate refugees? What solutions are proposed in the film?

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The Siege of Baghdad

  1. TOPIC: Siege of Baghdad (1258): write about the causes of the Mongol-Abbasid War which resulted in the sack of Baghdad.
  2. Research causation paper. This paper must not exceed 2,500 words and must use Chicago Manual Style as a referencing system.
  3. The body of the research causation paper should include the following:
    o introduction (where you explain why the specific war under examination is important),
    o Main body (where you will analyse the causes of the war based on the theories already discussed inside the classroom)
    o conclusion (where you will indicate which cause was the most important one according to your opinion).
  4. Use academic article and famous book pls an updated not old resources
  5. Please be warned: I don’t want a historical analysis of the origins of a specific war; I want a scientific analysis of why this specific war broke out

Main body (where you will analyse the causes of the war based on the theories already discussed inside the classroom)
Theories discussed inside the classroom: you have to mentions and explained this theory if its related to my topic:
Individual Level of Analysis Explanations

  1. Personal Psychology
    • Ideological Conviction
    • Religious Zeal
    • Paranoia
    • Reputation
  2. Cognitive Psychology
    • Illusion of an Imminent Victory (or a Short War)
    • Obsession with Encirclement (or Imminent Attack)

International System Level of Analysis Explanations

• Hegemonic War
• Preventive War
• Balance of Power

State System Level of Analysis Explanations
Causes of Inter-State Wars

• Imperialism
• Militarism
• Revolutionism
• Bargaining Model of War
• Deterrence Model of War

• Diversionary Model of War
• Prisoner’s Dilemma Model of War
• Bureaucratic Policies
• Military Doctrine
• Alliance Commitments

Causes of Intra-State Wars

• Oppression
• Sectarianism
• Ideology
• Greed and Grievance
• Genocide

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