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analyzing paper: from the early theory of evolution to natural selection

4 pages APA style analyzing paper base on the outline below
at least 4 peer reviewed sourses should be used


1. Early Theory of Evolution:

  1. Jean Baptiste de Lamark

I: Species can be arranged from least to most complex


II: inheritance

2. Catastrophism Vs Uniformitarianism

  1. Sedgwick’s perspective: catastrophism
  2. Lyell ‘s perspective: uniformitarianism

3. Early life of Charles Darwin

  1. Reverend John Henslow
  2. Darwin’s mentor, professor of botany
  3. Zoological observations led him to wonder about the species problem
  4. Erasmus Darwin
  5. Brief mention

4. Darwin’s theory

  1. Natural Selection (you might use the source : Darwin, C. (1871). The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex, vol 1 John Murray, London.)



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