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Analyze trial face by one cultural group in american society

Discussion: Jackson and the Cherokee (Trail of Tears)
In this discussion, you will look at a historical situation-Indian Removal-from the participant’s perspective. This activity will allow you to “think historically” about the challenges faced by the Cherokee people as they grappled with the U.S. government’s Indian removal policy. The purpose of this discussion is to help you analyze the trials faced by one cultural group in American society and recognize the role of cultural diversity in American life. (Meets Course Learning Objectives: 5, 6, and 10)

Suggested Readings (Possible Sources):

• Memorial of the Cherokee Nation (1829):

• Memorial of the Cherokee Nation (1830):

• Cherokee Address to the American People (1830):

• Andrew Jackson, “Second Annual Message to Congress” (1830):

• John Marshall, “Worcester v. Georgia” (1832):

• Andrew Jackson, “Seventh Annual Message to Congress” (1835):

• John Ross, “Letter Defending the Cherokee’s Right to their Land” (1836):


When you review these documents concerning events that led up to the Trail of Tears, pay attention to the legal arguments offered, as well as to the viewpoints of those involved in the struggle. In at least three paragraphs (more is perfectly acceptable), write an appeal to the American people from the perspective of a Cherokee in 1836 (note that the Cherokee Trail of Tears commenced in 1838). Keep in mind events and legal realities of the time, and be sure to make direct and specific reference to and include specific examples from the contents of at least THREE different sources (from the list above) in the body of your initial posting in order to be eligible for full credit (that is, the reference should be in the text of your posting, not just in your Works Cited).

Important: For this assignment, you can (and should) use present tense AND first person 🙂

After making your initial post based on the assigned readings for this lesson, you should respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. These response posts should be approximately a paragraph long and substantive in content (provide a response and/or critique, along with an explanation of your response/critique to your classmate–that is, your responses must be more than “Good job, So-and-So.”).

For all postings (initial and response), remember to proofread before you submit. Your postings must follow the conventions of grammar and spelling. Don’t forget to cite any sources you used in writing your posting (include in-text citations; don’t forget a Works Cited at the end of your posting).

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