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Analysis of Recent climate change

Analyze trends in temperature and precipitation for the location you have chosen. Trend analysis should include average temperature over the 30-year period, median precipitation for the period, simple ranges of annual values, standard deviation, as well as correlation analysis for each climate parameter over time. Correlation analysis will determine if statistically significant changes in the climate parameters have occurred over the time period.

Present the trends for both annual temperature and precipitation in a table and explain what these values indicate. (5 marks);

Comment on the trends you have observed for both variables. What does this mean with respect to current climate change? What are the implications of this change on the physical/biological environments? (5 marks)

Discuss with an Elder their impression on recent temperature and precipitation changes at this location. An Elder can be a parent, grandparent, or someone else in the community. If you cannot find an elder, you can use published Indigenous Knowledge. Summarize their impression of the recent changes and how these are similar and/or different to the trends you calculated above. This summary should be no more than 700 words (6 marks)