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Analysis of Election News about Immigration

Analysis of Election News about Immigration (check attached files)
Analysis of Election News about Immigration
Submitted in D2L: Late Penalty will be 1 mark (out of 30) per day late.

OVERALL: Analyze the content or discourse about immigration and ethnic minorities during either the 2015 Canadian election or the 2016 American election.

· Choose a specific “news” medium. Newspapers and news websites, including lobbying or political news sites; you may also choose a news site’s comments section, a Facebook Group, a twitter handle, a specific hashtag, or a reddit forum.

· Do either a Content Analysis (developing an analytical idea from iterative descriptions and interpretations of the content) or a Discourse Analysis (applying an analytical idea iteratively to reveal the ideologies implicit and latent in the sample)

· Choose a sample of at least 25 “news” items from that medium (or posts, comments, etc.)

· Choose either a random sample within a particular timeframe, or choose a thematic sample detailing the entire coverage around a particular moment, event, or discussion.

· Justify your choices: Why is that news medium of interest and important? What did you expect to find, when first choosing it? How did you choose your timeframe for a random sample? How did you choose your event or moment for a thematic sample?

· Include, as an appendix, an edited version of your final coding frame, showing how each item in your sample is related to up to two primary Codes (in a Content Analysis) or at least one primary Ideology (in a Discourse Analysis).

Formal Requirements:

3-4 pages (1000 words minimum; 1500 words maximum), plus a bibliography of works cited.
Double-spaced, 1” margins, 11 or 12 pt font.
DON’T FORGET TO GIVE YOUR ESSAY A TITLE, and a creative one! — Use paragraphs! Edit carefully!

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