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Analysis about the Alternative Energy Sources at the Macroeconomic level

Analysis about the Alternative Energy Sources at the Macroeconomic level
• The subject should be for an analysis about the Alternative Energy Sources at the Macroeconomic level.
• The report should be NEW/original as the paper to be submitted in Turn It In system.
• Please Provide PDF filesof all references used in the paper. It preferredfrom academic journals.
Alternative Energy Sources:An analysis
A) Abstract:
B) Introduction:
• Statement of the Research Problem (E)
• Background/Rationale of the Study (E)
• Statement of the Research Questions (E)
• Objectives of the Research (E)
• Statement of the Hypotheses (O)
• Research Gaps (O)
• Limitations of the Study (E)
• Organization of the paper (E)
E –Essential
O -Optional
C) Literature Review
The LR should be “Analytical approach” as per the below explanation:
Synthesizes the work and succinctly passes judgment on relative merits of research conducted in your field. Reveals limitations or recognizes the possibility of taking the research further, allowing you to formulate justify your aims for your investigation.
There seems to be general agreement on X (see White1987, Brown 1980, Black 1978, Green 1990). However, Green 1990sees X as a consequence of Y, While Black(1978) Put Xand Y as ….. . While Green’s work has some limitations in that ……. , …….)
• Section I: Operational Definition of Terms and Concepts
• Section II: Review of peer-reviewed journal articles
• Section III: Summary, comments and criticisms
(Please avoid newspaper articles, magazines etc., in LR)

D) Methodology
E) Analysis
• Presentation of Data, Analysis and Discussion of Results
• Tables, charts, diagrams etc.,
F) Recommendations
• Summary of Findings, Conclusions and recommendations
• Do not give the opinion of others as your own!
• Ensure the discussions flow from the analytical results.
• Do not quote from newspapers reports.
G) References
• Min 10 references from academic journals “preferred science direct or emerald”.
• Referencing based on Harvard style
• All references shall be cited
• Provide PDF filesof all references OR at least a website free access downloadablelink if PDF is not available.

In a nutshell
Please ensure that the paper has
• A clear cut introduction,
• Comprehensive literature review,
• Appropriate methodology
• Reliable/relevant tools of analysis
• Practically feasible recommendations

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