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Anabolic Running

To initiate the corrective phase  Anabolic Running a physical assessment will need to be conducted to identify specific muscle deficiencies so that a targeted exercise program can be designed to focus on these weaker areas. This offers a more time managed program and offers a quick fix to the problem areas. Without this knowledge, the muscle weakness tightness and imbalance that plagues swing efficiency and injury will take longer to correct if at all good time frame for the corrective phase is based on the number and severity of deficiencies but generally significant results can be achieved within 6 to 10 weeks. Compliance to the recommended exercises is a major influence in that outcome.

The GolfSpecific Strength and Balance Phase Once sufficient progress has been achieved in the corrective phase the golfer can transition into the golf specific strength and balance phase.These functional exercises should isolate and mimic specific movement patterns of the golf swing and build upon and enhance what has been achieved in the corrective phase. They should address the physical demands and the environmental forces the golfer is confronted with so as to improve ball contact swing consistency and shot accuracy.

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