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Select a NGO and provide facts: mission/ purpose; specific global focus with examples of which health needs/ diseases they address
What services do they provide (is it more advisory or hand-on; is it educational; emergency relief or long-term projects?) Give at least four examples of services provided.
Explain their success (or lack of) regarding their identified purpose/ focus- provide statistics indicating effectiveness and/or the numbers of untreated/ unresolved cases
Describe their resources in terms of people (medical and non-medical); supplies; funding sources. Check a Charity Navigator site to determine how much of donations go to the services/ populations
Identify which vulnerable populations and which global areas they work in- what is their identified rationale for selecting this population.
Describe unmet needs and gaps. Analyze why these unmet needs/ gaps exist.
How can nurses connect with this organization/ what roles can nurses play? Identify four specific actions.
Be sure PowerPoint presentation slides are visually attractive and present content clearly and effectively.