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An issue of citizenship

At this point in the semester, students get the opportunity to study topic of interest to their own scholarly pursuits, however, students are required to choose one concern of citizenship covered in class discussions and readings. This paper must identify a problem regarding that idea of citizenship. This assignment requires students to begin working with secondary research in earnest. A Proposal must explain the target audience, message, and purpose of the Research Project. In this essay, students should explicitly explain what they plan to study and argue concerning their topics for the Research Essay. As part of the project, students also are required to include an annotated bibliography of sources. The annotated bibliography should include: proper citation, a summary of the source, any important quotes from the source, an explanation of how the source is related to the topic idea, and an analysis of how it will be used in the project. Here are the requirements:

Proper formatting according to the syllabus.
1,000 words minimum (approximately 3-4 pages) essay that addresses an issue of citizenship from class discussion and readings.
*Per the syllabus, word counts are for the text of the essay alone and exclude headings, Works Cited, etc.

A minimum of three secondary sources used within the essay and properly cited and formatted. These should include popular and scholarly sources.
An outline for the Research Project that is 300 words minimum
An annotated bibliography of six secondary sources. Each annotation must be at least 100 words. (See Activity 10.5 in UAH 336 for details.)
A Works Cited on the final page with all sources used. Use correct MLA, APA, or CMS formatting.
Submit to the assignment location on the course website.
This step in the larger semester project requires students to begin focusing heavily on the evaluation and use of secondary sources. For secondary sources, students will also need to enter the “archives” and research what has been studied, reported on, said about, or left out regarding the chosen topic, specifically regarding academic research. Students will need to do research to see if anyone has ever done any kind of research into this group, space, issue, or related topic. This assignment is designed to develop the research needed for the next project. In addition to the learning outcomes covered with the first two essays, here are the additional learning outcomes covered with this assignment:

Relates sources in context with other research
Revises writing across multiple drafts
Develops a research question and strategy
Finds quality sources through research

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