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An experience you had with a writing or reading task

Narrate an experience you had with a writing or reading task that you found (or still find) difficult or challenging. Explain the significance of this experience.
Paper details:

A. Write a narrative essay (suggested length of 750–1,000 words). In your essay, do the following:

1. Respond to one of the given topics.

2. Provide an effective introduction.

3. Provide an appropriate thesis statement.

4. Use narration and description to provide detailed information about the topic.

5. Explain the significance of the narrative details.

6. Provide an effective conclusion.

B. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

Reading the book titled “The merchant of Venice” was a real struggle for me. The English text included in the book and the format of the presentation was something I had never seen before. I had to struggle to understand most of the words included in the book, or even interpret their meaning. The book was one of the literary texts for the school syllabus and thus I had no option but to read and understand the contents since a test would soon follow. However, our efforts as a class were significant in enabling me to grasp and understand most of the information being conveyed through the complex text. We recited the book and formulated most of the content in a song in an attempt to improve our understanding of the same. As much as the text used in the book were difficult to comprehend and memorize, our reciting of the words enabled us to not only memorize the book content but also excel in the assignments that followed.

With the guide and assistance of our English teacher, we embarked on the process of reciting the book in the form of a poem. The idea and the goal of composing a poem from the book content were to enable us to memorize its content that would later be tested in an examination. The process of memorizing the poem and reciting was not easy, however, we worked in groups and encouraged each other t work towards attaining our desire of grasping the whole content of the book.

Indeed the practicing period lasted more than a week. Finding time for the same amidst our business schedule was not easy, however, our motivation to ensure that we properly understood the contents of the paper drove us to even work harder and spare more time after class for practice. At the elapse of one week, we were able to recite the book and also got a chance to present our poem to some audience.

We never thought that the book could give us a chance to take part in music festivals. After our presentation to the school, we got an opportunity to present them in the inter-school music festivals. The poem was ranked as one of the best amongst those presented by the various schools within the locality. A project that started just as a way of enabling us to understand the book culminated in a project that would later give us more credit in a competition. The practices that we undertook to ensure we excelled in the competition, further enhanced our memorization of the book content.Our ability to memorize and understand the text contributing to our enhanced level of performance in examinations presented at the end of the year.