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An Experience in Virtual Teaming

You’ve just been placed on a virtual team that must complete a training plan for the new software that will be released in 6 months. Your team consists of six individuals from across the company
The company has spent a large amount of resources on this software, senior leadership is very interested in how the training in support of this software will roll out. You are a very experienced virtual team member and have been assigned to this team as an advisor to the team as well as assisting in the training plan development.

Your company has scheduled your first team meeting for tomorrow at 7AM (EST) via telephone and has just asked you for suggestions on how to kick off this first meeting.

• Provide a detailed suggestion on how the meeting should be planned and executed. (Any changes that may be required to the meeting)
• Provide a detailed list of activities that will be completed at the meeting and why these activities are necessary.
• What work design will be used, and why will this design be beneficial to the team?
• What work design would be least beneficial to the team and why?
• What leadership structure will work best for the team, and why will this be the best selection?