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An artifact

Find an artifact- in a

news feed or show
TV show
brochure or flyer
Save it!
Cut it out, scan it, download it or link to it

Explain why you chose it!
In as many sentences or paragraphs as it takes to explain how the article is related to Psychology, but no more than a page (double spaced, size 12 font, 1 inch margins) tell me how it relates to the study of Psychology that you’ve undertaken.

Follow grammar and composition rules and create a citation for entry using APA rules as a guideline.

The linked document below is an article that my son sent to me as a link. I downloaded the full article from artifact /link and your essay
submitted as an attachment to the Assignment.

can use things you find while using the internet but you should not type a psychology term into a search engine to find something to write about! Your assignment is to be aware of things in your environment that you understand better or differently because of your studies.