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American Government Response

1. Identify one of the collective action problems faced in American government and discussed in one of the above webpages. What is the public good in this case? Who are the free-riders? How does the failure to achieve collective action negatively impact society?

2. The paradox of the collective action problem is it is a situation where if everyone behaves rationally (does what logically benefits themselves), then everybody loses. Explain why this is.

3. Suppose that the point betting activity I did in class is extended to the whole university (i.e. if three fourths of all USCA students take a 10 point penalty on their first exam in a course, everyone gets 15 points back). What could be done to make the university more likely to succeed in its goal? In answering this question, use the principles and lessons of collective action.

4. How does the collective action problem relate to the question of why we need government?