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American foreign policy

Go to one of these sites and pick two documents relating to American foreign policy that interest you. Then write a four to five page paper in which you first explain which documents you picked and why. What is the significance of the documents you selected for the history or conduct of American Foreign Policy? What type of document are you analyzing, e.g., a constitution, a declaration, a speech, a political pamphlet, an important law, a peace treaty, a secret protocol, a caricature etc.? What does each one of your two documents say? What are its main points or message? Who is the author of the document? What issue does the document address? What is the historical and political context in which the document was written? What were its political effects? What impact did the document have on the subsequent history of the United States? To answer these questions, you probably will need to do some additional research on the web and/or in the library.