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Amazon financial analysis

Amazon financial analysis

company is AMAZON
find the statements online and you will provide them and submitt alongside the task

Identify the company’s competitive strategy based on the Five Generic Competitive Strategies

• Identify how the firm is performing financially (using such as measures on ROE, ROA, profit margin, sales growth, Gross Profit Margin

• Operating Profit Margin




• Working Capital

• Current Ratio

Debt-to-Equity etc.). You will need to provide a detailed financial analysis. This analysis should cover the past 3 years. You are telling a story about the financial situation of this firm. You may also include any information that you feel pertinent to your report. You must create own charts, graphs, and tables. Do not copy charts and tables directly off a website and include them in your paper.

refer here for stats

Please take yahoo finance as a resource of the financial analysis

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