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Alternation of Generation

1. You already have some knowledge of this Kingdom. Which of the following are true? Choose all that apply.
They are heterotrophs
They are autotrophs
They release CO2
They release O2
They have accessory pigments
They have mitochondria
2.When spores germinate and grow what generation is produced?
Fern Life Cycle
Group of answer choices
a. gametophyte
b. sporophyte
c. gamete
d. diploid stage
3.The gametophyte generation produces cells called?
Fern Life Cycle
Group of answer choices
a. gametes
d. diploid
4.Is the sporophyte generation diploid or haploid?
Fern Life Cycle
Group of answer choices
a. diploid
b. haploid
5. What does it mean (in terms of chromosome number) if a cell is diploid?
Group of answer choices
a. two sets of chromosomes
b. one set of chromosomes
c. multiple copies of each chromosome
6. Life on land presents a whole series of problems not found if the organism lives in the water. Which are problems the first land plants had to deal with that
were not problems for algae? Choose all that apply