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Alexander Mcqueen

We are asked to do a 3000 word report with critical analysis. And most importantly reflect the following learning outcomes which we will be graded on.

1. Interpret and critically evaluate customer’s profiles, trends, budget and sales performance in relation to range and merchandising plans.

2. Critically evaluate a brand’s retail strategies and distribution products.

Assignment details
Assuming the role of a business consultant you are to produce a 3,000 word, Harvard referenced report analysing the importance of a strong brand identity and a clear understanding of the primary target customer in driving the profitability of a business in the International Omni channel environment.

The luxury brand you are to focus on is of your choice, but needs to be to be a luxury / premium fashion brand that wholesale’s its products to the international market (Brand has already been chosen to be: Alexander Mcqueen). You are to analyse the brand across the Omni channel landscape, critically identifying reasons for the brand’s performance.

Key areas of focus are: –
• Brand Overview: The key to a successful, profitable business is to have a powerful brand image. Research your chosen brand’s history, ethos and future direction, evaluating the strength of the brand. Present your findings in a SWOT, support this with detailed research (which should be included in the appendix).
• Financial Overview: Summarize the last three years performance of your chosen brand and evaluate through your research the overall financial situation of the brand.
• Trend Exploration: Through deep analysis of primary and secondary material identify the key trends featured through the A/W 2016 collection produced by your brand (use visuals where appropriate), critically analyse its suitability in the marketplace.
• Customer Profile: Conduct primary research and review secondary material to identify the brand’s target consumer(s). Create a detailed customer pen portrait (to be included in the appendix).
• Visual Strategies on and offline: Critically analyse the retail environment at every touch point the brand has with its customer in the Omni Channel landscape (wholesale, concession, own store, online). Use visuals were appropriate to support your findings (note – visuals can be used throughout the main body of your work).
• Range overview Compare and contrast the product range in its various routes to market (own store, online, concession, pop up, outlet, collaborations and wholesale), use visuals to support your findings. Investigate reasons for the different /similar retail environments and product mix in specific channels to reach the customer. Evaluate the impact of your findings on the brand’s profitability and brand identity.
• Recommendations: Offer an insightful conclusion analysing how your brand could innovate and operate more effectively in the luxury fashion market.

Notes to consider:
– For customer profile: A survey has already been conducted and waiting to receive all the feedbacks. I will send it by email when complete and obtained.

– I will also send an example of a previous report completed “should only be used for reference and as guide”. Thus, the reports needs to be not less organized and visually appealing as the one provided (Must be conducted using Adobe In-Design and Adobe PhotoShop). I will send the picture of the report by email.

– I know that for some parts of the report certain photos must be obtained of the flagship store, or the brand display in department store. Therefore, I am willing to take these photos and send them.

– I will also be forwarding the lecture slides for reference.

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