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african American Literature Essay

african American Literature Essay
African American Literature Essay AML2600

‘ Length: No less than 2 1/2 FULL pages and no more than 3. Your works cited page begins on a new page. Format: MLA, 12 pt font, New Times Roman
Choose ONE of the following
We have examined a number of central African American figures in the class thus far: Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, Phyllis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, and Marcus Garvey. We have looked at them in terms of their leadership qualities, primarily through their speaking and writing skills, to garner and motivate both African Americans and the white population in furthering the cause of civil rights in America and throughout the world.
Using the relevant readings from your textbook, The Norton Anthology of African American Literature and the information from the videos we have watched, compare/contrast ONE the following pairs:
1. Olaudah Equiano and Frederick Douglass
2. Ida B Wells OR Phillis Wheatley and Sojourner Truth
Booker T Washington and W. E. B Dubois

Your first task is to think carefully about the two people you are comparing/contrasting and to make a list of points in which they are similar and a list of points in which they are different. Your list does not have to be equal. You may find more similarities than differences or vice-versa. From this list you will decide what your thesis statement— the controlling idea of the entire paper! The operative word here is “controlling!” Your single most important sentence in your paper is your thesis statement as it controls and directs everything else you say— it acts like your roadmap, your GPS to get to where-you are going without getting lost. If you don’t have a good thesis statement, your paper is going to lose focus and your points will get lost in the maze of your writing.
Your thesis statement CANNOT be “There are many differences and similarities between X and Y.” This statement has NO place in your paper. You need to summarize WHAT THE SIMILARITIES AND/OR DIFFERENCES ARE and then expand on those STATED differences and similarities in your paper.
While X and Y are both admirable in their fight in securing civil rights for the African American people, X was far more effective than Y because of his/her vision of securing not only economic rights but focused instead on gaining political rights for his/her people. Political rights are more important because . . .
j gfve structure to your paper, think back to your comparison/contrast essay Vn your HNC 1101 class. You may use one of the following two methods when formulating the body of your paper:
A) The block pattern, where the writer discusses on unit in its entirety before going on to the other
For example, the writer may focus on X first and Y afterward. Remember, however, that when
discussing Y, you need to link your ideas to X: Example—Even though Y wanted a similar outcome
f-o X, his/her path to achieving it was more diluted.

B) The alternating pattern, where the writer swings back and forth between subjects. The writer
organizes his/her ideas based on the subject being talked about and not on the person in this

particular case.
For what each person fought: X and Y. How each person fought: X and Y. Their achievements: X and Y.

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