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Advancement of Information Technology

The ever changing and rapid advancement of information technology creates a fast-paced and dynamic economic environment. To be successful in business today, managers must understand and operate the business processes efficiently and effectively. In this class we have explained and discussed in detail the importance of a competitive advantage. Furthermore, how the proper implementation of information technology and the effective management of an information system can give an organization a temporary competitive advantage. As effective future CIO’s, CEO’s, and managers you will need to understand MIS, the management of information systems, which deal with the coordination and use of three very important organizational resources: information, information technology and people. Remember, MIS is not technology.

Project Objectives:

1) To sharpen your skills as knowledge workers; an individual who works with and produces information as a product
2) To expose you to the role and importance of an IT professional who can design creative technology-based business solutions, working hand-in-hand with their business management counterparts from marketing, manufacturing, accounting, and human resources.
3) To polish your critical thinking and critical analysis skills.

Project Deliverables:


Discuss your proposed information system within the fictional organization or the company you plan to develop. Elaborate on the rationale for your chosen network design and IT infrastructure. Included within this proposal you will deliver:

  1. Specify the industry the company is in and propose the plan for its sales and marketing.
    i. Specify its business, including product/service, target customers
    ii. Describe any new technology-based products or services your company has focused on. Provide the detailed technical descriptions about the product/service.
    iii. Develop a specific marketing plan to reach your customers and promote your services/products. Be creative and realistic! You can also show promotion videos on social media websites.
  2. A description of the proposed Network Designs that you believe would be most beneficial for the organization’s current and future needs, including intranet and extranet design. *Read Chapters 7
  3. Describe and list all information systems and applications that will be adopted in the operations of the company, such as video-conference, inventory systems. Give the specific software / hardware you are going to use in your organization or any outsourcing company you plan to partner with. *Read Chapter 5, 6, 12, 13, 14 and search the website.
  4. An architectural layout (plans/drawings/office diagram) of the local office as to location, arrangement or placement of all possible equipments within the office. *Research the WWW or the Library for examples or templates.
  5. Take the security issues into consideration and prepare the control on the system development and regular system administration. Provide the specific software or hardware you are going to implement in your organization. *Read Chapter 8 & 9.
  6. Design a simple website for your company. You can use free website hosting site (e.g.; Include the major webpages in your design.

As the individuals in your organization identified as having the most experience in the management of information systems because you are all currently enrolled in ISOM 210, you have been selected to create a proposal that will help to solve the problems of your organization. Your fictional company is riddled with problems of inefficiency and ineffectiveness and ripe for improvement. Your collective skills as application architects can help to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Option 1) Fictional Business Scenario:

You work in a local Boston office with 5 other people. Your office also has satellite offices in San Francisco and China. Your company is in the retailing industry, selling the products through eBay stores and its own website.
There are some computers in the office and several staff members must share the use of the computers. Occasionally, files and documents are missing or damaged in your local office. Files have to be saved onto a diskette or zipped and then printed from another computer because of the lack of printers. When someone in one of the out of town offices needs something, you send it via USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. It is also hard for the employees at the different branches to share the documents.
The accountant is extremely stressed because he/she is constantly updating payroll, tax records and inventory information. Presently, the accountant is not able to send or receive payroll information in a timely manner to the branch offices.
The inventory cannot reflect the sales order in real time. Currently, the inventory is still recorded in papers and Excel files. Since the delay of sales order input, “over sold” happens frequently. Needless to say your organization pays a pretty penny for express shipping and handling. At this point, how to manage the inventory better and deduct the sales amount from eBay stores and website from the inventory is the biggest issue to your company.
When there is a need for a conference to discuss new products, customer service issues or to present new ideas, you also pay out of your budget for airline travel, hotel bills and per diems.
Oh yes, your main competitors have well maintained an intranet for their employees, an extranet for their business alliances and information partners and a well-designed e-commerce site for their overall business processes. Your organization is a little behind the times. Therefore, you are not very competitive. If things don’t change – your company may be history soon!
The product in which this company sells is not stated, nor is the amount of revenue that it generates. Use your fabulous IMAGINATIONS!

Option 2) Your own company development

You can also plan to develop your own company. Please complete all the above six tasks based on your designed company plan. Your company should have at least two offices in the different locations.
*If you make any assumptions do put it down in writing within your rational section. You may assume anything. Please be creative!

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