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Advanced Nursing Practice Issues Paper -Urban and Rural Health Care Disparities


  • Using the paper criteria below, complete a written paper (5 pages plus an abstract) analyzing a professional advanced nursing practice issue (Urban and Rural Health Care Disparities Mental Health) that impacts your ability to practice as an PMHNP. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
  • The paper must include at least 8 credible, professional sources with at leastfive (5) from published nursing literature (not websites).  References must be current, with in the last 5 years, due to the nature of the content.


Using the literature, develop an analysis of an issue relevant to your selected topic that includes the following:


  • A summary of the contents of the paper to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper’s purpose.


  • Clearly stated introduction of the issue including the purpose

Analysis (Literature-based)

  • Clear definition of the issue
  • Benefits or challenges related to the issue
  • Ethical considerations of the issue
  • Discussion of how the issue affects advanced nursing practice role
  • Relevance of issue to selected rural and/or urban populations

Suggested Plan

  • Overcoming the challenges
  • Advancing health or health care delivery


  • Conclusions of the issue analysis and plan

Questions for Further Discussion

  • Identify two questions to further the discussion amongst your peers. Peers will respond to these questions after reading your paper. Questions must be clearly identifiable. Keep in mind, your PowerPoint presentation is based on these responses addressing pros and cons. So, format your questions appropriately.



Post the paper in two locations:

  1. Appropriate weekly Discussion Board and thread. Add the paper to the thread as an attachment.

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