advanced accounting

advanced accounting

chapter 5:





5-21 through 5-27

5-55 (with inventory; upstream)

5-61 (with asset sale; downstream)

You can access this link to Excel spreadsheets for the last two consolidation problems.

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chapter 6:

Two parts, and neither one includes technical consolidation work:

a) (5 points) Please answer these five multiple choice questions from the end of the chapter to demonstrate basic comprehension of the topics:

6-28, 6-29, 6-30-, 6-33, 6-35

b) (5 points) Write a brief (1 1/2 page) paper that explains Enron’s use of SPEs as part of the Enron scandal. Preferably Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

chapter 7:

Please complete:

MC questions 12 through 18

Exercises 22 through 25

I will provide access to the book.

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