Adv. Seminar In Communication Theory

First Task

For this project,you are asked to analyze a popular media product utilizing the media studies methodologies discussed in class and contained in the assigned readings. There are two components to the assignment:Reflect upon the assigned readings and choose one that you have found to be particularly insightful. Outline and assess the author’s argument, summarizing their main contentions, considering the strengths and weaknesses of their discussion and exploring how their analysis is useful as a method for interrogating contemporary media forms. How does the author’s argument permit us to interpret and understand diverse popular culture forms? You may also choose one of the many methodologies and approaches summarized by Berger in Media Analysis Techniques.

Second Task

Choose a media artifact of any kind that seems to exemplify larger trends in media or society. It may be a film,television show, musical recording, magazine, book, blog or any popular culture text. (Please do not analyze a web site if you have already done so for the first essay assignment.)

Once you have chosen your media text, explore its content and ideology utilizing the argument you have selected for part one of the assignment. How does the author’s argument provide a way to understand the popularity and meanings of the media text and how does the text demonstrate the veracity of the author’s contentions? You are under no obligation to agree with the author – if you wish, you may use an analysis of a media text to argue against a theory of media or to demonstrate the limitations of their critical method.

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Geometry and Statistics Topics 

This topic is entirely based on geometry and statistics. 
Everything needed in the topic is written in the "IA Rubric" PDF. No word limit but 6 to 12 pages including the graphs and calculation.

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