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Addiction to Drugs

Identify standard screening and assessment instruments for substance use disorders and process addictions.

Utilize appropriate screening methods for addiction, aggression, and danger to self and/or others, as well as co-occurring mental disorders.

Describe the screening instruments you would use further screen this client for addiction, aggression, or danger to self/others.

Illustrate the impact of co-occurring substance use disorders on medical and psychological disorders. Explain specific aspects of the case that would be the focus of your consultation with another professional. Discuss how the case might be conceptualized differently by other collaborating professionals, members of another mental health profession, or members of a multidisciplinary treatment team.

Discuss the disease concept as applied to this case and discuss the etiology of the addictive process and any co-occurring disorders.

Discuss the disease process and development of the addictive process and other disorders in this case.

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