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Activism paper

Activism paper
There are no exams in our course. Instead, you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge, critical thinking, and mastery of the course content through your discussion forum contributions, lesson assignments, and a class project. This project requires that you go a step further than researching, writing, and thinking about sexual and reproductive health . . . it requires you to act. Activism should not be intimidating. Think about the topics that impact you or people you care about, or think about things you have seen or read about in your community. Also, since this is a flexible assignment, feel free to raise ideas that I have not addressed.

Examples of Activism . . .
This is not an exhaustive list. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to be creative, have fun and do something that is important to you.
• You can volunteer at a local agency.
• You can design and present or distribute/present some type of information.
• You can organize an information party for friends or family members.
• You can participate in policy advocacy through letter campaigns, addressing or speaking to boards (such as a local school board).
• You can participate in fund raising activities, such as walks, runs, etc.
• You can participate in a creative forum or the arts.
• You can get involved with outreach activities being conducted by campus organizations, your church, or organizations that your friends and family are involved in.

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