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Act Up for Gun Control & Gun Debate Middle Ground

Quiz 3  English 101C: (See Attached articles; articles also in week three module)

1.For article “Act Up for Gun Control,” published as an editorial in the Nation,  state in your own words what you think the main claim of the article is. What evidence does the writer have to suggest this? Describe the evidence and explain what type of evidence it is. Does the writer suggest any opposing views to his own? If so, how are they rebutted?  10 points

2. What kind of language does the writer use to convey his ideas and to persuade his readers  of his main claims. Write out 3 examples below and explain both the denotation (actual meaning) and connotation (emotional appeal) is of these words or phrases.  8 points

3. Also explain how his use of connotative words in at least one the examples above, develops his argument and/or contributes to the persuasiveness of the argument. Do any of the terms indicate a strong bias to you? Do any terms reduce the level of ethos in the article? Explain. 10 points

4. What is your assessment of the article’s, Act Up For Gun Control” strengths and weaknesses, especially in terms of the argument it is presenting; do you agree or disagree?  8 points

In the article: “ Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground”?

5. Describe at least two different perspectives on gun control that are represented in the article? Analyze how these two different people or groups developed their views on gun control? 8 points

6. Give an example of how language is used both in an unbiased and in a more emotionally charged way in this article.   8 points

7. Do you agree that the various groups depicted in the article can find common ground on gun policy? Why or why not? Explain being specific about the points that the two main sides would agree or disagree on. 8 points

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