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Accuracy of Brief Screening Tools for Identifying Postpartum Depression Among Adolescent Mothers

Accuracy of Brief Screening Tools for Identifying Postpartum Depression Among Adolescent MothersOrder Description
In your paper you will answer the following questions:
A. Is there a clear statement of a problem? State the problem.
B. What is the hypothesis?
C. Was the population clearly identified?
D. How the sample was selected, and was it adequate?
E. What was the independent variable?
F. What was the dependent variable?
G. Were all important extraneous variables identified?
H. How were extraneous variables controlled for?
I. Was there a control group?
J. How were subjects selected for the experimental and control groups?
K. Was the method of observation adequate to test the hypothesis?
L. Was there any evidence of bias in the procedure?
M. Are the conclusions based on accurate measuring and reporting of data?
N. Are the conclusions warranted?

3. Content.
– Introduction (A and B). Briefly describe the research study you selected and explain why you selected it. The introduction should state the research question/problem and hypothesis and the importance of this research.
– Body (C- L). The body of the paper should include details of the study design and methods.
– Conclusions (M and N). How would you evaluate this research study? Was it well designed? Were the researchers able to make causal conclusions? Were there limitations? What would you change if anything to make the study stronger? Are there follow-up experiments you would want to conduct? How was this research study useful overall, did it add to your understanding of subject matter?
In the conclusion you can also discuss whether this research affected you personally or has helped you in any way.

4. Format.
– Your final paper will be in APA format, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, approximately 4-5 pages (the page limit is not hard and set, just be sure to include ALL requested content).
– Papers will be graded with an eye towards content, grammar/spelling, and APA style.

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