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Accounting Project

Your team is to prepare a report to the College regarding the implementation of a KPI system on campus. You will need to suggest five key performance indicators that management can use to monitor and guide collegiate success. Remember that every KPI is a metric, but not all metrics can be KPIs. For a metric to be a KPI, it must be KEY to measuring the overall success of the college. There are many things that the college could measure, but you need to identify the most important items for the Board of Trustees. Report content This is a persuasion essay. It is your goal to convince the Board that the KPIs you have selected are the best ways to measure success towards meeting the vision and mission of the college.

· At a minimum, be certain to consider and discuss:

o The goals/mission/vision of Bellevue College

o Describe how each of your KPIs supports the college mission/goals. What makes this metric a KEY performance indicator for the college?

o State how each KPI would be measured

§ Be specific as to the formula for computation, but do not perform an actual computation. · For instance, you could say that the Net Income Ratio = Net Income/Net Sales. Providing the formula is separate from the computation.

§ Be specific as to when and how the measurement should take place.

 § If using a survey, state what question(s) will be asked and how the results will be quantified. o Describe the Hawthorne Effect(s) of each KPI

§ Be specific as to how the use of each KPI will influence the non-financial behavior of college employees.

§ It is crucial that you identify the negative impacts as well as the positive. The college will need to plan for both.

 · Do not select more than five KPIs – remember that anything measurable can be a KPI, you must decide on the best five measurements and justify your selection. You are trying to persuade the Board that your team’s proposal is better than that of the other teams. Report format · Between 2,500 and 3,500 words · Double spaced · Use footnote citations as appropriate · Submit one copy of the paper for the entire team to Canvas by the due date. Deliverable: Essay, 2500-3500 words (see above). Submit to Canvas.

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