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accounting paper Article analysis -Writing Assignments

accounting paper
Article analysis -Writing Assignments

The article analysis, worth approximately 5041 of your total grade. The length is
to be between 4 pages long, typed, double-spaced. Writing skills to be evaluated
include coherent organization, conciseness, clarity, use of standard English,
responsiveness to the reguirements of the guestion and appropriateness for the
reader. Please put your name only on the TITLE PAGE, which is the LAST page
of the assignment

The writing assignment involves a critical analysis of a recent article (3 to 6)
pages long from a professional accounting journal (e.g. The journal of
Accountancy, Accounting Horizons, CPA journal, Accounting Review). The article
must be related to a topic, which is covered in this particular course. Based on
your knowledge of basic accounting principles (GAAP), you are to critically
analyze a recent (no more than three years old) article related to a topic covered
in this course. Based on your analysis, you are to report whether or not the
author’s information is in accordance with GAAP. Some information may be “in
line with. GAAP and other information may not be. Once you have clearly
identified what is GAAP and what is dot GAAP (if applicable), please report
whether or not you agree with the author’s Lain point of view (i.e. thesis) and
why. In addition, please submit a copy of the article which you have analyzed.

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