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Accountability and Ethics

Accountability and Ethics
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6. Sometimes the concepts of inner checks on public administrators and external checks have been considered pursuit of dissimilar outcomes. In what ways are they compatible and complementary? In what ways, incompatible? (Chapter 12)

PSC 500, Final Exam, Fall 2015

Citation of articles is expected. Outside sources may be used in a supplementary fashion when responding to the questions. Responses should be 2-4 double-spaced pages in length. This provides you a guide as to how long these responses should be to adequately answer the questions. Once completed your responses should be in the form of a document and attached to the assignment labeled “Final Exam” to be found on Blackboard. This will also allow a plagiarism program to be run.

Inside Collaborative Networks: Ten Lessons for Public Managers by Robert Agranoff

Information Technology and Democratic Governance by Joseph S. Nye Jr

If possible, book Public Administration, Understanding Management, Politics, And Law in the Public Sector, 8th Edition by David Rosenbloom, Robert Kravchuk, Richard Clerkin; Chapter 12

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