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Academic Book Review

For this first project you will be writing an Academic Book Review of Sherwin B. Nuland’s The
Doctors’ Plague. To complete this project you will need to read the book, The Doctors’ Plague, and do
the following tasks:
1. Read “Elements of an Academic Book Review” (in the Project 1 folder).
2. Take the three reading quizzes on Bb (see schedule).
3. Read at least three of the provided Academic Book Reviews in the Readings folder in Bb.
a. When reading these book reviews it important to take note of how the reviews are
b. What do the authors’ of the reviews privilege (what do they spend the most time on)?
c. What kind of language do the authors’ use to make their points?
d. You will be using these Book Review to model your own Academic Book Reviews.
4. Take the Book Review Genre quiz.
5. Begin Writing your Academic Book Review.
Writing the Book Review
a. You will be writing a Book Review of Sherwin B. Nuland’s The Doctors’ Plague. This
needs to be your own work, your interpretation of the book.
b. Refer again to the “Elements of an Academic Book Review” (in the Project 1 folder).
c. Your Review needs to include a brief summary of the book, how does this work fit within
the greater context of the field, and what does the book provide to the readers. You will
need to provide your reader with definitions of complex or scientific terms used in your
review. When using direct quotes from the text to support your own writing, make sure
that you use proper APA in-text citation.
✓ 750 – 1000 words
✓ Times New Roman or Cambria, 12 pt. fonts
✓ 1” margins all the way around
✓ Double spaced
✓ Use APA for citing purposes and Reference list if you bring in more sources
6. Include your name and the article information in APA format at the top of the first page
7. Bring your Draft of the Academic Book Review to class on the scheduled date (see schedule).
8. Participate in Peer Review (see schedule).
9. Revise and Edit your Academic Book Review.
10. Submit your completed Academic Book Review to Bb on the due date (see schedule).
11. Write and Submit your Proj. 1 Reflective essay.
a. Write and Submit a one page reflection of your experience with Project 1. What did you
learn from the process? How might you apply this kind of writing? Review the syllabus.
Which of the Student Outcomes do you feel this project addressed? This is to be
completed and submitted to Bb by the due date in the schedule.

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