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Abduction and scepticism

Is there any a true skeptical scenario in the film the Lorax? Remember that skepticism has varying degrees, from very localized skepticism (‘you can’t know at this very moment if your car has been stolen’) to very radical (‘we cannot know anything’) to forms in between. It’s also important to keep in mind the difference between true skepticism and a skeptical (doubtful) attitude in the everyday sense of the word. As always, you should have a clearly stated guiding question that’s related to the prompt. You should then explore the evidence in order to infer an answer. I should add that you don’t need to get a right answer; insofar as we’re trying to explain a strange or unclear phenomenon (the film the Lorax), we are ourselves relying on abduction rather than deduction or induction, and so we’re looking for the best answer. And even then, your answer in the short response needn’t be the best; you simply need to show that you’ve been introduced to the questions, concepts, distinctions, and moves of one or both philosophy units. I’m thus looking at whether you lay out your thinking clearly using the tools of the philosophy readings and the evidence of the film. Make sure you cite the film the Lorax.