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ABC Inc.

ABC Inc. is an organization that manufactures heavy machinery used in the agricultural industry. Due to the nature of the production process it has been determined that the manufacturing of heavy machinery is a dangerous industry. ABC Inc. has been fined several times by OSHA for not following safety requirements and ABC’s injury rate among its production workers is five times higher than that of its two largest competitors.

Based on the description of ABC Inc., what position would you take if you are:

a) A contractor who traditionally buys ABC Inc.’s machinery as they are consistently the lowest priced in the industry.

b) A worker, previously injured at work, and unable to find other work.

c) An investor, considering a substantial investment into ABC Inc.

Look at the situation from the contractor, worker, and investor’s point of view, knowing that the manufacturer is not a safe workplace. What are your thoughts? What will you do? What should you do? Analyze why each stakeholder may have a different view. Explain in detail and write your response in essay form. Do not repeat the questions – use subheadings and follow APA guidelines. Minimum length: 650 words of content, cover page, reference page.