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(a) Third-party discrimination

(a) Third-party discrimination
Showboat Entertainment Centre v Owens [1984] 1 WLR 384 (EAT) (Applying Zarczynska v. Levy [1979] 1 WLR 125.) See also Weathersfield v Sargent [1998]

ICR 198 (EAT) (the principle includes constructive dismissal). ‘Instructing to discriminate’ is now unlawful under EA 2010, s111.

Race Relations Board v Applin [1975] AC 259 (HL), 289 (Lord Simon); Wilson v TB Steelwork (1978) COIT 706/44 (See IDS Employment Law Handbook 48 (1990) p. 9) IT.

Lisboa v Realpubs (2011) UKEAT/0224/10/RN; Moxam v Visible Changes [2012] Eq LR 202 (EAT); Saini v All Saints Haque Centre [2008] UKEAT/0227/08.
Hiring and firing racists

Redfearn v Serco (t/a West Yorkshire Transport Service) [2006] EWCA 659; Redfearn v United Kingdom [2013] IRLR 51 (ECtHR).See also HM Prison Service v Potter [2006] UKEAT/0457/06/DM. See Connolly, ‘The Multiple Definitions of Harassment and Direct Discrimination: a “Pandora’s Attic”’ (2009) 10, International

Journal of Discrimination and the Law* 101-108. See now, ERA 1996, s.108(4) (dismissal ‘related to’ political opinion is automatic unfair dismissal).

(b) Perceived Discrimination

(c) Where nobody’s protected characteristic is involved English v Sanderson Blinds [2008] EWCA 1421

Sedley, LJ:

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